Embrace the Child, Ltd. is a DIR® comprehensive, family-centered, individualized pediatric occupational therapy private practice. It is conveniently located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Embrace the Child, Ltd provides a comprehensive array of options for your child and family across home, school, clinic and community. Primary ETC therapy sessions are home-based or clinic-based. Each is available as either primary or supplement a treatment to the individual needs of the child and family availability. Family actively participates in each session regardless of location. Please call for an evaluation or call or email for more information or questions.

Stacy Sue Rosello, MA, OTR/L is a pediatric occupational therapist with

over 20 years of experience. During her career she has worked in a variety pediatric of settings across the country (e.g. home health, private practice, inpatient, outpatient, schools, pre-school programs, hippo-therapy, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Sensory Integration Clinics). Stacy has a wealth of experience treating children with developmental delays, autism, and sensory processing disorder to name a few. She is certified to administer the Sensory Integration and Praxis tests and is an expert in treating and understanding Sensory Processing Disorder.

Stacy holds an OT Professional Certificate from Profectum™ Academy in DIR® (Development, Individual Differences, Relationships)/FCD™ (Foundational Capacities of Development™) and she is a Profectum™ Fellow. Embrace the Child, Ltd. is a verified DIR®/Floortime™ practice by the Interdisciplinary Council for Development and Learning Disorders. It is the first OT practice and currently, the only one in Pittsburgh to have these credentials.

Stacy began studying the DIR® model in 2002. In 2010, she began intensive training toward DIR® certification. Since that time, Stacy has been regularly mentored in use of the DIR® model from renowned occupational therapy, infant mental health, and speech and language faculty and facilitators associated with the Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders, and most recently, Profectum™. Her dedication has lead to completion of DIR®/FCD™ certification including a Profectum™ Fellowship in 2013; ultimately, helping those on the autism spectrum, neurodevelopmental related disorders and with special needs.

While studying for her advanced master's degree at Texas Woman’s University, she focused her studies and research on children with special needs and their families. To her, understanding the whole child and strengthening family bonds is of utmost importance when treating her clients. She assists families directly with their needs, and indirectly via newsletters and presentations to parents and professionals on a variety of topics. She regards both the child’s individuality and the family as integral parts of the child’s life; both which must be appreciated and utilized for effective treatment.

Stacy grew up in the South Hills and received her undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh where she was an honored University Scholar and acknowledged as “one of those who show high promise of significant contribution to society and progress." Now back in Pittsburgh, she is excited to share her dedication and expertise in her hometown community. She serves infants, toddlers and children through the age of 5 years across settings in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. While her number of clientele is small, her commitment is large. Stacy is a devoted clinician serving your needs—-making the connection with your child and family, and embracing your child’s individuality.

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