Why Us


Experience the Connection.

Embrace the Child® “makes the connection” with your child and your family. Working together gives a true-to-life understanding of child/family needs. Within your family, we help you to “make the connection” by guiding you to learn how to understand your child’s unique developmental profile and participate in playful, joyful ways, engaging your child and working on challenges within daily family life across settings.

Dr. Stacy Sue Rosello, OTR/L, founder of Embrace the Child® “makes the connection” locally, regionally and nationally. She is a dynamic speaker and author sharing on Sensory Processing, DIR® and her own Family-Centered Therapy Model™. Through presentations, trainings and her writings, she empowers parents and encourages fellow occupational therapists and multi-disciplinary professionals to make a strong impact through family-centered care. Embrace the Child® is acknowledged by well-respected colleagues as “innovative,” and Stacy is identified as a renown leader and expert in her field.

Experience the Dedication.

Embrace the Child® “makes the connection” by serving your family with great care, dedication, and commitment. Ample amount of time is allotted with each child and family. Treatment times are tailored to your child’s and family needs and attention is always placed on your priorities. We are continually working toward learning many ways to provide the most up-to-date evidenced-based treatment to best support your child and lead your family to succeed.

Experience the Continuity

Embrace the Child® “makes the connection” by offering continuity across home, school, clinic, and community. Continuity is encouraged within the family system. Not only parents, but also siblings, and grandparents and significant others are encouraged to be part of regular treatment. We will gladly communicate and work in concert with or as an adjunct to other professionals (e.g. therapists, educators, and doctors) involved in your child’s care. Using the Family-Centered Therapy Model™ and DIR® model, we complement early intervention service providers and give continuity of treatment to your child from infancy throughout early childhood past the ageof 3. Particularly during early developmental years after Early Intervention Services have concluded, caregivers(s) and the child continue to benefit from strong family support, guidance, and family-centered care which supplement Early Childhood Education Professionals. Last, at Embrace the Child® we will navigate community resources, promote parent advocacy, and recommend learning materials to help you to best understand your child.

Embrace the Child®, Ltd. Expertise

Experience the Connection, Dedication and Continuity

Families Learn. Families pick up where we

leave off and take it into family life™

Experience the Connection, Dedication and Continuity

We use the DIR®/FCD™ DIRFloortime® Model

  • Families recognize their child’s unique needs and build upon strengths.
  • Families experience joyful ways to interact with their child through play.
  • Families create opportunities to grow relationships with their child.
  • Families join their child's exploration and discovery in play reaching new levels of development.

We use the Family-Centered Therapy Model™

  • Families are fully included in therapy sessions and they take what is learned into everyday family life and activities.
  • Stacy’s devotion, gentle guidance, and consistent focus grow the parent/child relationship through understanding.
  • Families enfold their child as a valued family member, even amidst challenges and watch their child blossom.
  • Ultimately, families incorporate what they have learned as they develop solutions and advocate for their child and family.

We understand Sensory Integration.

  • Families learn the 8 senses (vision, taste, touch, hearing, movement, body, smell, interoception) and how their child’s sensory processing impacts daily life activities.
  • Families support their child through tailoring their interactions to the child’s sensory profile and learn to recognize how sensory input and emotion are linked and built into meaningful relationships.
  • Sensory supports are used only in the context of activity and have purpose and meaning to the child and parent.
  • Sensory Integration activities are included in all sessions by a trained expert, following the child’s intentions and guiding the parent as a participant.


What ETC Families and Children have to say

Kaitlin K., Pre-School Teacher, Pittsburgh,


“Stacy is amazing at what she does! She took the time to explain how OT was helping my student, and explained the DIR®/Floortime™ model, which I could see was a huge benefit. I used the tools that Stacy taught me to help support this child in my classroom.”

RK, ETC Mom, Pittsburgh,


“Stacy has helped our child immeasurably.  She took the time to thoroughly observe our child in a family setting.  She provides a holistic view and as a consultant and developed an appropriate, fun and easy program to help us along the way.”

Rebecca P, ETC Mom & SLP, Venetia, Pittsburgh,


“I could not have connected with my son without your great coaching. I don’t know if you realize how great you are at what you do. You truly care about [my son] and it shows. I thank GOD that I found you.”

Amanda R., ETC Mom, Connecticut

“I have witnessed my child exceed his own expectations and develop new self-esteem and potential in a few short months! It was priceless to share that with him. I will forever be grateful for Stacy’s in depth understanding of our individual child!”

ETC Mom, Pittsburgh,


“Stacy is one of a kind…a miracle worker in my book.”

Cathy L, OT, Pittsburgh,


“I admire you for practicing occupational therapy the way that it should be done.

Jason Hylton, Haley’s Dad, Haley’s Joy, LLC

“I appreciate you and your efforts to help children with special needs. It is a true privilege to work with you, one of the therapists on the front lines of helping these kids. Thank you for that opportunity.”

KK, OT, Pittsburgh,


“Stacy has been a wonderful mentor! I have observed Stacy’s work and her methods are highly beneficial to the families and children. She provides a loving environment to every child and approaches OT as a fun, family activity.”

ETC Dad, Pittsburgh,


“We found your presentation at group to be really good.  Bringing all of your knowledge into practical, easy-to-understand discussion was very cool.  I think the other parents shared our sentiment.”

ETC Caregiver, Pittsburgh,


“My kids are so happy, they don’t want to leave.”

Dr. DeLana Honaker, OT, Amarillo


“Stacy’s therapeutic experience and training are extensive. Her intelligence and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated and much respected. Embrace the Child, Ltd. is truly a family-centered practice and ideal for you and your child.”

ETC Dad, Pittsburgh,


“I know that your business is named Embrace the Child, but I’ve always thought that you’ve done an exceptional job embracing the entire family!”

ETC Mom, Pittsburgh,


“I do not have words to describe how grateful I am for your help and kindness. You are a true blessing to the children that you serve.”

Gregg Z., ETC Dad, Pittsburgh,


“Stacy works with us as a trusted member of our family. Her competencies are excellent, and she has been immensely helpful.  We absolutely love her!”

AM, ETC Mom, United Kingdom,


“Stacy is very hands on and so gentle, yet effective with kids. She has a wonderful way of training the parents too…never too intrusive and always very helpful.”

MEC, ETC Mom, Pittsburgh,


“Stacy is the hardest working person I’ve met since we began this journey.”

AK, ETC Mom, Pittsburgh,


“Amazingly intuitive and easy to work with OT. First time I’ve actually been able to “play” with my child, and read his cues. Most enjoyable experiences of my life.”

ETC Caregiver, Pittsburgh,


“Stacy’s sincerity, warmth, genuine interest, and advocacy simply can’t be matched.”

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