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Sunday May 31, 2020 stacysue

Why I write.

To you and for YOU


I have a strong mission to reach out, to share, and I hope to impart in a straightforward, yet profound way to cultivate change. I speak from my heart.  Through learning what I know, my writing may make the world a little brighter…a little easier…a little softer…more hopeful, in a very simple way.


I’m not a big company or a social media presence of 1000 likes, let alone 1 million. I haven’t gone viral, nor do I intend to. I don’t plan to become the world’s next famous theorist. My mind thinks simply through concepts.  I have listened intently to well-respected colleagues and mentors by holding on, encoding and emulating their work, while simultaneously defining my own. One simple person: Me, reaching out to you. Faces that I know and faces that I do not know.


If even with a small social media audience, I make a difference in the life of one family, it’s worth it.


If one thought, one sentence, one paragraph helps you to make a change for the better for yourself, for your child, for your family. It’s worth it.


If a blog “sticks with you” and you’ve spent more than a moment in reflection, I’ve done my job. It’s worth it.


If you chuckled or smiled and felt a warmth even with a rolling tear. It’s worth it.


If you’ve changed how you look at things…at family life, at your child, or were kinder to yourself. It’s worth it.


If through my writing for you, I’ve reflected and processed experiences, made a change in my own work or for my family for the better. It’s worth it.


If we’ve broken new ground or walked along an old familiar path together. It’s worth it.


If I’ve honored a time-tested theoretical model or my mentors recognize how they’ve made an impact on my life. It’s worth it.


If I’ve answered the “why” and something makes more sense to you in life. It’s worth it.


If I’ve given you one idea and you’ve made a connection with your child in play. It’s worth it.


If you’ve paused and changed “in the moment” and made a better decision because of something that I shared. It’s worth it.


If you’ve lingered, gazed and appreciated and felt closer to your family or children, even more so. It’s worth it.


If you’ve discovered that in the realities of life’s trials, going through our experiences can give to hope and resiliency even in the darkest of times. It is worth it.


If by reading and knowing that you are a worthy parent and finding encouragement to move forward and believe in yourself and your family. It is well worth it.


For each of you—my audience of only a few (so incredibly valuable and important). It is ALL worth it.




Author: Stacy Sue Rosello, MA, OTR/L

Founder, Embrace the Child, ® Ltd.

Editor: Grace Rosello, BA

Copyright © 2020 Stacy Sue Rosello


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