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Friday July 30, 2021 stacysue

Transparent: So Much More.


We are human.


A clinician’s honest reflections on experiences are often not heard.


Sometimes we stand by. At others we step back, or confidently step up–just knowing–sometimes hoping, sometimes guessing by

flying on a wing and prayer that the way to intervene will offer the most support. Assessment and intervention are such clinical

words, far from therapists who authentically treasure the moments, the relationships. Indeed, our work is so much more.


No matter what the circumstance, your child and family become part of us in different ways.


Our hearts may even beat as one time to time, either to a beat of a nursery rhyme or lift with a sweet, cheeky, longed-for smile.

Our affect soars with success and sinks when there is the perception of defeat. We even ache with despair when a challenge or life

event takes the forefront. We feel the weight. Your child’s struggles and triumphs and your journey are deeply felt.


We think of you, smiling to ourselves, in the toy aisles of Target, exploring the Pinterest pages, in collegial books we read and

literature reviewed, and in mentoring, we share. We reflect before, after, and during our time together to get things just right for



Some may realize how much we care. Others may see us as a passing instructor of sorts. Others are unknowingly blind, justifiable so, for reasons we may or may not fully understand.

But, our work is so much more.


Each time your family steps away from the screen, walks under the threshold, or earns your wings to fly, you are still in our



No matter who you are, you have taught us. Our best lessons are not always learned from books or formalities, but mastered through the time we have spent together.


We are human. We cannot erase experiences; indelible marks are engraved on our hearts, and by you, through you, we are

transformed in ways that cannot be fully described.


With heartfelt gratitude and admiration to all of my ETC families for permitting me to be a part of your lives,




Author: Stacy Sue Rosello, MA, OTR/L


Founder, Embrace the Child, ® Ltd.


Editor: Grace Anne Rosello, BA


Copyright © 2021 Stacy Sue Rosello







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