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Sunday April 5, 2020 stacysue

“Sheltering in Place”: Finding Constants

Again, during this time of confinement, we have time to ponder. Life has changed for all of us. Let us reflect on what is ordinary. Yes, realistically, some ordinary family occupations have changed. I long for a dinner out for my favorite pizza with my family.  A movie theatre filled with the aroma of popcorn for a premiere resonates like a dream. A session in a clinic with loads of equipment or playing in a home are luxuries that are halted. I miss seeing my dear ETC families in person, and I have to admit, while silly, I especially, miss my deep bass drum. Perhaps, it gives me comfort somehow.


I know many of you experience the stress of caring for a child with a myriad of needs, and the upheaval has added more strain on family life, as I am certain your caregiving routines have a central focus. Yet, though many carry heavy loads, we remain grateful for the constants in ordinary life. The ordinary, or extraordinary, within our families is our constant and is that in which we find safety, familiarity and moments of joy.  The micro-rituals which are the constants in our relationships and family life continues in our homes. When we take the time to pause; there is simplicity in these little things and they bind families together.


A warm embrace, an authentic smile (even if  through a computer screen), holding a hand tightly, a family focusing on each other without distractions, even small tiffs around a prized toy or feeling too close for comfort may ultimately, when resolved, evoke a sense of connectedness.  Family life moments like lingering and exploring lavender “Johnny Jump-Up” flowers, hearing happy squeals in our children when a caregiver is in sight, reading a novel together out loud give a sense of normalcy.


It can be incredibly heartwarming and bonding to look closer at these experiences. Relish in these moments, each and every one, for refuge. Activelysheltering in place” makes what might feel unbearable, endurable. Constants will create the havens to move us through these times. As days pass, we continue to move forward though our world has stopped in many ways, but it does not halt us from connecting and living, for being grateful for everything that we have at this very moment, particularly each other.




Author: Stacy Sue Rosello, MA, OTR/L

Founder, Embrace the Child, ® Ltd.

Editor: Grace Rosello

Copyright © 2020 Stacy Sue Rosello


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