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Saturday May 22, 2021 stacysue




You wait


For the first word, the first step, the first idea or the first connection.


But, sometimes it feels lopsided.


And then, you seek guidance,


And, experience grief and realization that there are differences.


Yet, we all have differences.


How do you find the way?


Together, we find the way.


To the first step, literally and sometimes figuratively, toward what is meaningful.


Celebrating differences.


Recognizing gifts.


Then, I move too fast. I hold back, we realign.


Transforming and learning.


Adapting expectations, yet also reaching new levels.


Tumbling down.


Finding comfort through the turmoil. Bonding.


Some reach these revelations


In time.


Some, rather quickly.


Others, do not.


On an unexpected path, blessings arise, as do we.


Holding on to hope, ever so often, wandering, then navigating the return.


You have, we have experienced





Author: Stacy Sue Rosello, MA, OTR/L

Founder, Embrace the Child, ® Ltd.

Editor: Grace Anne Rosello, BA

Copyright © 2021 Stacy Sue Rosello

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