All In A Row.


All In A Row.
Posted on 17 Nov, 2023 by stacysue

All in a Row.   Or so it seems.   Not that long ago, but now only in my dreams.…

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Oh, my heart.
Posted on 19 Sep, 2023 by stacysue

    Always a kid at heart, I recollect. My first stuffed Snoopy was a gift given to me as…

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Every. Blink. Counts.
Posted on 30 Apr, 2023 by stacysue

Every. Blink. Counts.   They said it would go fast, but I didn't believe them. Sunrise…sunset.   I clearly remember…

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The Gift of Synchrony
Posted on 07 Sep, 2022 by stacysue

As I reflect on my sessions in coaching, while music swirled around us, I provided  a small rhythmic tap downward,…

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The “Butterfly Effect”
Posted on 27 Mar, 2022 by stacysue

We take a moment, or many more, to understand. We softly journey down your winding path that unexpectedly drew you…

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Now and Again.
Posted on 22 Dec, 2021 by stacysue

The lights went out, but everything was not dark.   Late on a cold winter evening, together, we placed at…

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One Small Room.
Posted on 09 Nov, 2021 by stacysue

  One small room becomes a haven. A place of refuge. Or a faraway land. It becomes a creative art…

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Transparent: So Much More.
Posted on 30 Jul, 2021 by stacysue

  We are human.   A clinician’s honest reflections on experiences are often not heard.   Sometimes we stand by.…

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Posted on 27 Jun, 2021 by stacysue

I don’t think that there has ever been a time when I have been more grateful to be and move…

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Posted on 22 May, 2021 by stacysue

Patience.   You wait   For the first word, the first step, the first idea or the first connection.  …

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