"Thank you so very much. It was truly AWESOME!!!!! I could not have done it without your great coaching. I don't know if you realize how great you are at what you do. You truly care about [my son] and it shows. I thank GOD that I found you."
Rebecca P, Parent and Speech Language Pathologist

"I do not have words to describe how grateful I am for your help and kindness. You are a true blessing to the children you serve."
Michele G.

"I know that your business is named Embrace the Child, but I've always thought that you've done an exceptional job embracing the entire family!"
Anonymous father of a child on the autism spectrum

"I appreciate you and your efforts to help children with special needs. It is a true privilege to work with you, one of the therapists on the front lines of helping these kids. Thank you for that opportunity..."
Jason Hylton, Haley's Dad, Haley's Joy, LLC

"Stacy Rosello, MA, OTR/L, is the ultimate occupational therapy professional; her therapeutic experience and training are extensive. As a key member of the Family L.I.F.E. research team, her intelligence and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated and much respected. Most importantly, Stacy's sincerity, warmth, genuine interest, and advocacy simply can't be matched. Embrace the Child, Ltd. is truly a family-centered practice and ideal for you and your child."
DeLana Honaker, PhD, OTR
Researcher, Author & Consultant
Developer of the Family L.I.F.E. (Looking Into Family Experiences) assessment tool"

"Stacy is amazing at what she does! We first met when I was teaching preschool and she was providing occupational therapy to one of my students. I could tell that her approaches were working with my student and her services were making a difference in that child’s life. She took the time to explain how OT was helping this child, and especially explained the DIR®/Floortime™ model, which I could see was a huge benefit to my student. I used the tools that Stacy taught me to help support this child in the classroom, and it flowed together with what Stacy was doing at home. After meeting Stacy I became interested in OT and decided to pursue a career in it myself. I give Stacy all of the credit for sending me in this direction, and she has been a wonderful mentor ever since! I have been lucky enough to observe Stacy’s work over the past year and her methods are much more beneficial to the families and children that she works with than any other outside OT services I have observed. Stacy provides a loving environment to every child that she works with and approaches OT as a fun, family activity. The children she works with look forward to their time with her and are always excited when she arrives at their door. I highly recommend Stacy to everybody who is looking for a more personal and worthwhile OT experience for his or her child." - Kaitlin K., Pre-School Teacher, Pre-Occupational Therapy Student

"Our third daughter was born at 32 weeks and was diagnosed with severe developmental delays. My daughter worked with various therapists. A few months after her 3rd birthday, she began working with Stacy. The results have been amazing! Stacy did a very thorough evaluation on our daughter and was able to look at her total development and offer holistic therapy. Stacy has shown me how to really connect with our daughter on her level. The interaction that we have been able to achieve has been priceless. Stacy's expertise in her field and love of children are extremely evident and she has been a blessing to our family." - Jodi C.

"Stacy listened carefully as I explained my son’s struggles and she asked me additional questions. Then she made suggestions, and also connected me to some resources that are a good match for him. I greatly appreciated Stacy's compassion and willingness to help our family." - Wendy M.

"Stacy works with us as a trusted member of our family. Her competencies are excellent, and she has been immensely helpful. We absolutely love her!" – Gregg Z.

“Stacy has helped our child immeasurably. She took the time to thoroughly observe our child in a family setting and developed easy and fun therapy. She was able to provide a holistic view and as a consultant, developed an appropriate program to help us along the way.” - Karolyn R

"We found your presentation at group to be really good. Bringing all of your knowledge into practical, easy-to-understand discussion was very cool. I think the other parents shared our sentiment." -Tim M.

"I admire you for practicing occupational therapy the way that it should be done." - Cathy L, Occupational Therapist

"Stacy is the hardest working person that I've met since we began this journey." - Mary Ellen C.

"My 3 year old son began occupational therapy with Stacy in July 2013. He was uncomfortable on swings, did not enjoy playgrounds and was very tired after doing basic exercises. After just 4 amazing sessions with Stacy, we cannot tear him away from swings, rock climbing walls, obstacle courses, etc! He is a whole new child and so happy to explore new things on his own. We continue therapy with Stacy and see massive improvements each time. My son adores her and can barely sleep the night before when he knows he has "play time" with Miss Stacy. She is one of a kind..a miracle worker in my book. Stacy is very hands on and so gentle yet effective with kids. She has a wonderful way of training the parents too...never intrusive and always very helpful. My husband and I could not be more grateful that our son has Stacy as his occupational therapist. Best one we could ask for!"  - A.M.

"Thank you for everything Stacy! I have witnessed my child exceed his own expectations of himself and develop new self-esteem and potential in a few short months! It was priceless to share that with him...I will forever be grateful to you for your in depth understanding of our individual child! You saw his strengths and needs an started building rapport off the bat!" - Amanda R.


“Come n’ play!”  -Little A, 4 years old

“Here’s a hug…and a kiss!”  -Little M, 4 years old

“I liiiiiike you!”  -Little J, 5 years old

“It’s best when it’s just me and mom…and you!”  -Little N, 4 years old

“Mrs. Stacy, can you be my therapist ALL THE TIME!”  -Little B, 5 years old

“You’re my Ms. Stacy!”  -Little I, 4 years old

“Can we all play one more time?”  -Little R, 5 years old